Wander Woman is an uprising community exclusively dedicated to female travel-enthusiasts from Bangladesh.

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WW Academy
WW Academy is powered by Wander Woman, with the sole aim of improving the social and mental condition of women all over the country. Women empowerment movement is  needed in order to give power to women, with all the rights and facilities in the society, so they are able to live freely without any fear and restriction. The importance of women empowerment is recognized further as we progress towards a balanced and prosperous society. Today it is identified that the world cannot achieve the goals of inclusive development if we leave our women behind.
Therefore, the core mechanism of WW Academy is to promote, empower and ensure that all girls and women have a tight grip over their future and are able to participate actively in all aspects of their lives. Thus, your constant support and love is needed, to build WW Academy, to empower more incredible women.

Some moments from WW Academy
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