Wander Woman is an uprising community exclusively dedicated to female travel-enthusiasts from Bangladesh.

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Hello Wanderers!

Greetings from Wander Woman! While we are excited to get our website up and running and want to bring you the best trips and tours to you, we urge everyone to stay aware and stay home during this global pandemic caused by COVID19. Governments worldwide have announced strict isolation guidelines to prevent the disease from spreading and flattening the outbreak curve. However, the implementation and monitoring of such precautionary steps are still weak in some countries so please do your part, stay clean and stay home. We can all learn from our neighbors, be aware about the precautions and do our part to fight against the COVID19 outbreak. Wash your hands, do not touch your face or mouth, stay indoors and get in touch with your loved ones, browse charitable options to help the less fortunate, read, meditate, clean, organize or plan your next trip! Help the world fight this outbreak. More power to you! With Love, WW Team.

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